A special group of students at B-L Elementary School are working hard to make sure that their classrooms are bully-free.  These students are referred to as Bully Busters and they are nominated based upon their outstanding character.

These students serve as a sounding board for other students who are being bullied but feel uncomfortable speaking to an adult about the situation.  Once a Bully Buster receives a complaint, they fill out a “Bully Buster Form” and then work with school counselor Michelle Brackett to help resolve the problem. This might mean moving a student’s desk in the classroom or even getting school administrators involved.

The Bully Busters program has been an integral part of B-L Elementary School for around 15 years.  The overall goal of the program is to maintain a safe learning environment at the school.

Front row left to right: Leo Gonzales, Deyla Corcueras, Jair Aranda Aguilera, Knox Bouknight, Andrew Robinson, Summer Kennedy, Audriana Moss, Alaysia Haltiwanger

Second row left to right: Wyatt Derrick, Tyrese Holmes, Chance Oswalt, Matthew Leaphart, Atley Derrick, Henry Bouknight, Logan Addy, Kimberly Gonzalez Ventura, Madison Coleman, Mallory Evans, Alfonso Diaz

Third row left to right: Deisy Gomez-Rodriguez, Kyrie Gartman, Khloe Hildebrand, Tanijha Morris, David Lewis, Shasta Spencer, Nyla Coleman, Khennedi Langford, Rashod Lites, Khloe Abney

Absent: Ciyuana Daniels, Lyra Earhart, Heath Pierce, Sam Stacey