Twenty-five students at B-L Elementary School were recently selected by the school’s faculty members as displaying the character trait of “Empathy.”  Each month, students who demonstrate the Character Education Characteristic of the Month are chosen by staff members for recognition.  

Congratulations to:

Front row left to right: Wyatt Scott, Legacy Tolen, Eric Long, McKenzie Miles, Andrew Kimry, Emalyn Luckadoo, Ella Bilbo

Second row left to right: Deisy Gomez-Rodriguez, Rashod Lites, Jordan Hall, Saylor Tharp, Haleigh Snelgrove, Ainsley Jones, Grayson Grant, Ezra Johnson

Third row left to right: Rayana Smith, Caleb Bagwell, Nate Rogers, Erika Ward, Rashawna Ferrer, Henry Bouknight

Absent: Carson Dority, Abbie McCormick, Lyra Earhart, Rainy Sheppard