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Mrs. Paxton's Students Receive New Shoes

All 29 students in Mrs. Lynette Paxton’s class at B-L Elementary School received a brand new pair of sneakers for Christmas thanks to generous financial contributions from classroom pen pals, school staff members, and local residents.

The children received their gifts on Monday, December 17th. Included in their gift bags were also three pairs of socks, a Wendy’s gift card, and a card that is redeemable for free Wendy’s Frostys throughout the year.

Mrs. Paxton coordinated the fundraising efforts and brought all of the students together at the same time so that they could receive their gifts in unison. The class celebration was made even more memorable thanks to delicious bakery treats that were also donated by community members.

School Nurse Food Drive

Students at B-L Elementary School came together during the holiday season to provide non-perishable food items to some of Lexington Three’s less fortunate children.

The drive lasted for two weeks and during that time, students at B-L Elementary School brought in approximately 1,100 food items that were used to create 60 food bags. The bags were shared with students across the district at B-L Primary, B-L Elementary, B-L Middle and B-L High Schools to help with food needs during winter break.

Mrs. Brittany Miles’s class (pictured here) donated the most food items in the school and was rewarded with a cupcake party for their generous contributions.

Lexington Three Students Participate In Hour of Code Activities

December 3rd through 9th marked National Computer Science Education Week and as a result, students in classrooms across the state, nation and world participated in what is known as Hour of Code. During Hour of Code, students are exposed to a variety of coding activities designed to engage novice coders, as well as advanced coders, thus demonstrating that anybody can learn coding basics and encouraging greater participation in the field of computer science.

B-L Elementary School Staff Serves as Grand Marshal of Christmas Parade

It’s been more than eight months since B-L Elementary School was named Palmetto’s Finest, but the accolades continue for the school’s hardworking staff members as they had the privilege of serving as the Grand Marshal of the Batesburg-Leesville annual Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 2nd.

Lexington Three Cafeterias Receive Perfect Scores On Inspections

Deidre Yonce, Lexington County School District Three’s Director of Child Nutrition, is pleased to announce that B-L Primary, B-L Elementary, B-L Middle and B-L High Schools’ cafeterias had a surprise inspection this month from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and all four schools received an overall score of 100% (a perfect score).
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