Lexington Three To Make Up Three Bad Weather Days; Board Waives Additional Two Days That Were Missed

Last Fall, Lexington Three students missed a grand total of five instructional days due to hurricane-related weather.  The first four days were missed as a result of Hurricane Florence in September. An additional day of school was also missed in October as a result of Hurricane Michael. According to South Carolina‚Äôs Code of Laws, the first three missed school days in a district must be made up. As a result, Lexington Three will be using the three built-in Bad Weather Makeup Days that are in the calendar.  Those makeup days are February 18th, March 15th, and April 22nd of 2019. (Teachers should note that since March 15th was supposed to be a Professional Development Day, their last day of school will now be June 7th to allow for the required number of PD days to be met.)

While instructional time is highly valued in Lexington Three, the biggest impact of those missed school days in the Fall would have been to students at B-L High School because of block scheduling.  However, students there were able to successfully complete their courses prior to Winter Break with the required amount of instructional time for receiving Carnegie credits. Therefore, the Lexington County School District Three Board of Trustees unanimously voted on Tuesday, February 12th to waive the final two days of school that were missed during the first semester.