Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District Plants Tree at B-L Elementary School

Friday, December 7th marked Arbor Day in South Carolina and students at B-L Elementary School were able to celebrate the special occasion with a tree planting done in their honor at the front of the school.

John Oxner, District Manager for the Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District, along with Commissioner Barbara Padget, presented to students on the importance of our state’s forests and the gifts that they provide to our communities, including protection of the water, soil and air; serving as a habitat for wildlife; and supplying lumber that is used for building products, furniture and paper.  According to Mr. Oxner, there are currently more than 250,000 people living in Lexington County. That number is estimated to double by the year 2050, thus making it more important than ever to protect and conserve the forests around us.

Mr. Oxner and Mrs. Padget concluded their presentation by planting a red maple tree near the front car loop in honor of B-L Elementary School being named a recipient of the Palmetto’s Finest award back in March.