Lexington Three Announces Plan for Annual Panther Prowl

Lexington Three knows how much our annual Panther Prowl means to our senior students. That's why this year, we're planning to keep the tradition alive while at the same time, ensuring that our students, staff and families stay healthy and safe.  
THE PLAN? A Panther Prowl Parade! 
On Friday, May 22nd, senior students will meet at B-L High School at 10:15 am and line up alongside the staff parking lot/CATE side of the building. (More specific information will be forthcoming directly to seniors from the BLHS school administration.)
At 10:30 am, seniors will depart with a police escort courtesy of the B-L Police Department and make the first stop on their parade route, which will be the Fine Arts Center parking lot/student parking lot at B-L High School.  Since B-L Primary School is currently under construction, we are encouraging staff from that school, along with staff from B-L High School, parents, families, and members of the general public to line up at the first parade stop.  A map is attached for reference.
After the parade route finishes up at B-L High School, the route will continue down Summerland Avenue towards Wendy's.  The route will continue past Sonic and Strong Body Fitness and make a left at the traffic light onto West Columbia Avenue.
At around 10:45 am, seniors should be passing by the Lexington Three Lifelong Learning Center, so LLC staff are encouraged to line their cars up along West Columbia Avenue and wave to students.  Any District Office staff who would like to participate can line up there as well.
The parade route will continue down Highway One into Leesville and will take a right onto South Lee Street and stop at B-L Elementary School around 10:50 am.  There, staff members from B-L Elementary School are asked to please line up according to the directions on the attached map.
After departing B-L Elementary School, the parade will continue to B-L Middle School on Shealy Road.  Staff from B-L Middle School are also asked to please line up in support of our students according to the attached map.
The parade will disperse once it's finished at B-L Middle School.
Participants can decorate their cars, honk their horns, etc. in celebration of the class of 2020!  Please remember that for the health and safety of all participants, we ask that everyone remain inside of their cars at all times.  We also respectfully ask that no more than two people be inside of each car in order to stay in compliance with the Governor's social distancing orders.
Class of 2020 - We're doing everything in our power to make sure that you are celebrated the way that the 99 classes before you were.  We are #lex3 and we are forever #stayingconnected