Lexington Three Board of Trustees Approves 2020-2021 Calendar

The Lexington Three Board of Trustees unanimously approved a proposed calendar for the 2020-2021 school year during its meeting on Tuesday, February 11th. This calendar can be viewed by visiting Lexington Three’s website (www.lex3.org) and looking under the Quick Links section at the top of the homepage.


In addition, the Board also requested that Lexington Three administrators come up with an alternate calendar with an earlier start date that could be considered should legislation change.  Currently, South Carolina's Code of Law prohibits school districts from starting school before the third Monday of August. Senate Bill 419, though, is making its way through the Statehouse and contains an amendment that would return the decision on when to begin school back to the local school district Board of Trustees.  Should this bill become law, the requirement that districts may not begin school before the third Monday in August would be deleted and control on when to start school would be returned back to school districts.   


Lexington Three administrators plan to take an alternate calendar that reflects an earlier start date to the Board of Trustees in March for consideration.  If the Board approves the alternate calendar, it will also be posted on the Lexington Three website alongside the calendar that was approved during the February meeting.  Once the outcome of Senate Bill 419 is known, Lexington Three administrators will then determine which calendar will officially be used for next school year.


Anyone with questions can contact the Lexington Three District Office at 803-532-4423.