Students Step Into Leadership Roles Via Safety Patrol Program

Another group of students at B-L Elementary School is getting the chance to learn about leadership this semester while serving as a member of the school’s Safety Patrol Program.  The program is composed of fifth grade students who were nominated by their teachers. These honorary students, who can be identified by the bright yellow vests they wear, monitor the school’s restrooms, hallways, and car drop-off line each morning of the week.  Their job is to help ensure the safety of all B-L Elementary School students, welcome the student body as they arrive, and report any inappropriate behavior that needs to be addressed to a teacher or administrator.

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as part of this semester’s Safety Patrol at B-L Elementary School:

Back row, left to right: Cameron Jay, Braylen Davis, Josiah Yorio, Rebecca Nurse, Melodee Prouse, Ty Conaway, Montana Kirkland, Ciara Williams, Kimberly Balderas-Martinez, Arionna Mason, Hayven Able, Elleigh Hall

Front row, left to right: Taylor Shealy and Jacob Discua