B-L Elementary School Students Complete Special Centennial Project To Benefit Military Members

Active military members flying in and out of the Columbia Metropolitan Airport will soon be able to enjoy more comfortable flights thanks to students in Mrs. Stephanie Shealy’s class at B-L Elementary School and members of the William M. Summers American Legion Auxiliary Post 217.  Together, students and American Legion members created 100 neck pillows that will be handed out to armed services members as they come and go at the airport. Mrs. Shealy said that the group chose to make 100 pillows to commemorate Lexington County School District Three’s centennial celebration.

“Mrs. Terry Samuels, one of Lexington Three’s retirees who is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, approached me about making these neck pillows as a special project with my students to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school district.  She sewed all of the pillows and brought them to B-L Elementary School so my students could stuff them. Then, after the stuffing was completed, she would take the pillows home and sew them closed. This project was a great way for my students to not only give back to our service men and women, but also soak in the significance of our school district’s centennial birthday,” said Mrs. Shealy.

The pillows will be available at the USO (United Service Organizations) center in the airport starting in February or March.