B-L Elementary School Honors December Character Education Winners

Twenty-four students at B-L Elementary School were recently selected by the school’s faculty members as displaying the character trait of “Positivity.”  Each month, students who demonstrate the Character Education Characteristic of the Month are chosen by staff members for recognition.  

Congratulations to:

Front row, left to right: Conner Brock, Taylor Shealy, Kristen Jones, Emily Gonzales-Ramos

Middle row, left to right: Tremayne Holmes, Graham Pierce, Nathaniel Johnson, Madison Elkins, Nelly Gomez-Rodriguez, Akira Fowler, Elijah Stevens, Teagan Gambrell

Back row, left to right:  Jerry Gonzalez-Ramos, LeVar Duckett, Addison Smith, Aileen Prieto, Rileigh Watkins, Brenda Gerardo, Laila Leaphart, Ta’Shya Jay, Wyatt Derrick, Austin Gross

Not pictured:  Laila Cochrane and Sasha Filyaw