New B-L Elementary School Program Aims to Protect Environment One Marker At A Time

B-L Elementary School is banding together with other schools across America to help educate children about the importance of protecting the environment and recycling goods through the Crayola ColorCycle initiative.  This is the first year that the school is participating in the free program, which is being spearheaded by resource teacher Lynn Paxton. B-L Elementary School is the second school in Lexington Three to join the Crayola ColorCycle initiative. B-L Primary School began the program last year.

Through the program, a collection site is housed at the school where teachers and students can toss dried-up plastic markers, dry-erase markers, and highlighters.  (All brands are accepted, not just Crayola markers.) Then, the markers are packed up and shipped off, at no cost to the school, so that they can be repurposed and recycled, thus eliminating them from simply heading to a landfill.  Since 2013, the ColorCycle program has repurposed more than 70 tons of expended markers in the United States and Canada, using the most advanced plastic conversion technologies available to make wax compounds for asphalt and roofing shingles, as well as to generate electricity that can be used to heat homes, cook food, and power vehicles, according to the ColorCycle website. Parents, community groups, local daycares and residents are encouraged to drop off their old markers to the school as well.