First-Ever “Teacher Book Talk” Study Is A Huge Success

Seven teachers, alongside Lexington Three’s two Digital Learning Coaches and Chief Academic Officer, participated in the first-ever “Teacher Book Talk” this Spring, with the voluntary book study group even getting to take part in a Google Hangout with the book’s author.  

The group read and studied the book Shake Up Learning, which is a guide and planning tool for educators to help them make the most of technology in the classroom while using it to empower their students to learn at a greater level.  Participants were able to connect with Kasey Bell, the book’s author, via Google Hangouts on Thursday, April 11th and have their own personal questions answered by her while having a virtual discussion about the powerful impacts of technology.  Google Hangouts is a web-based tool created by Google for communicating through video (like Skype) and provides a great opportunity for expanding learning beyond the walls of the classroom. It can be used simply to have conversations with content experts or to collaborate with other classrooms.  Google Hangouts can also, through the use of extra apps and add-on features that Google provides, become a collaborative space with screen sharing and recording devices.

Additional “Teacher Book Talk” studies are being planned for the future.