B-L Elementary School Honors Character Education Trait Winners

More than twenty B-L Elementary School students were recently selected by the school’s faculty members as displaying the character trait of “Tolerance.”  Each month, students who demonstrate the “Characteristic of the Month” are chosen by staff members. Congratulations to:

Front Row (left to right): Gabrielle Meetze, Conner Brock, Morgan Chavis, Tristan Alveshire

Middle Row (left to right): Andy Fang, Nathan Ott, Raya Etheredge, Landon Soper, Mahogany Quansah, Kayla Hernandez, Coleman Swygert, Aika Moore

Back Row (left to right): Breanna Houston, Katherine Payano-Talabera, Madison Herbert, Cassidy Brown, Moises Gonzales, Irelynn Forrest, Michael Farmer, Ciara Williams, Blakely Gambrell