B-L Elementary School Honors Character Education Trait Winners

Twenty B-L Elementary School students were recently selected by the school’s faculty members as displaying the character trait of “Cooperation.”  Each month, students who demonstrate the “Characteristic of the Month” are chosen by staff members. Congratulations to:

Front Row (left to right): Bryson Asbill, Preston West, Enrique Rodriguez, McKenzie Dozier

Middle Row (left to right): Isabella Caughman, Arianna Stroman-Tolen, Addison Brown, Anna Grace Robinson, Gabriella Adams, Addison Smith, Alyssa Guy

Back Row (left to right): Serenity Stroman, Adila Hall, Paris Staley, Isabelle Hall, Colin Rish, Jessie Eidson, Rubi Castillo, Tyanna Sulton-Rowe, Dallas Hill